The History

In 2013, in sharp contrast with the crisis in the sector, the individual company SMEA was transformed into S.R.L.

The new entrepreneurial reality is immediately distinguished in the production of technical closures, developing the potential, ability and work experience of its technicians, workers and administrators, all coming from similar realities

The work activity, comprising the work of door and window frames, curtain walls and metal structural work, is carried out at the plant in the industrial area of ​​Rome in Via Migliarini, in two production units that extend over an area of ​​approx. 2,000, divided into the Door and Window Division and Carpentry Division.

Thanks to the experience, know-how and vast customer base acquired in a short time, the Company has subsequently created the Building Division, specialized in the field of construction, renovations and building works in general and the Safety Division, highly qualified in the realization and management of works pertaining to the protection and defense of things and people.

The constant entrepreneurial commitment, the technical and financial capacity, the "know-how" policy combined with the awareness of the company's social role have led to a progressive and rapid development of SMEA srl, certified by the Qualification Certifications to the Execution of Public Works - SOA for the OG1 - OS6 - OS18 categories and the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification.
The quality of the products and the continuous updating and training of the staff also guarantee the quality of the service offered.

In order to better meet the needs of the market, all the procedures and aspects related to the design phase, the verification of compliance with the regulations in force, study, feasibility and research have been increased and improved.

In conclusion, all the "short" history of SMEA srl is aimed solely at the realization of tailor-made products, always according to the most advanced industry technologies and always up to the customer's expectations.

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