Sustainability by choice

According to the Kyoto Protocol signed by all EU countries, the Energy Performance Directive for buildings EPBD 2002 has become the starting point for all measures taken to reduce the energy consumption of buildings at European and national level. The CO2 emissions generated by buildings during their life cycle can be significantly reduced through the adoption of sustainable construction technologies and conscious architectural choices. Smea translates research, experience and ethics into energy efficient solutions, and into active proposals for new energy saving projects. Sustainability is a matter of choice.

Redevelop to support

The commitment and studies in favor of the energy efficiency of existing buildings, by replacing the façade with one with different and superior performances. A kind of intervention that radically improves the building's energy consumption, in light of the fundamental role played by the building envelope in this area. To re-qualify to support is a choice that combines energy needs with aesthetics and comfort.

Collaborate to support

Smea bases its philosophy on the collaboration between designers, customers and professionals. The façade system plays a fundamental role in the sustainability of the building. The envelope as a result of a bespoke design adapts to the context, changes according to the different conditions, in search of constant efficiency and energy optimization.

In new construction projects such as retrofitting interventions, shared design becomes a Sustainability choice.

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